Australian market is seeking individuals with data skills across various domains. If you have passion for data and would like to build your career in data analytics, data engineering or data science, please feel free to apply for these positions.

Data Industry Readiness and
Mentorship Program, 12 weeks, part-

Best suited for industry professionals who want to take their existing skills into the world of data and for students who have completed their education in similar field and are looking to enter the industry.

Level-up your existing skills and get a professional edge

  • Learn about major cloud service providers through key industry certifications
  • Choose your specialty: Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist through specialized industry certification
  • Work on a hands-on cloud-based industry-like project and develop your skills
  • Regular mentor check-ins and feedback
  • Resume and interview guidance
  • Placement assistance and possible client interviews

Prerequisites : The ideal candidate should have prior exposure to data-related tools and technologies and prior experience in technology[aol_form id=648]