Future of Financial Services Data 2021 Online Summit

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Conference Info:

Financial Data Summit 2021 offers sponsors an excellent opportunity to demonstrate thought-leadership and leverage networking opportunities to build brand-value amongst senior data professionals. If you would like to know more about sponsorship, exhibition and business development opportunities please just get in touch with us–sponsorship@ibrc.com.au

Event Partner-

Novigi-Novigi is an advisory and data services firm. We design and implement cutting edge data, integration, and automation solutions that transform business functions and deliver efficiency, insight, and innovation outcomes for our clients

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CreditorWatch is an innovative, customer-centric credit reporting agency that enables users to perform due diligence and determine risks to their business. With over 50,000 clients, from sole proprietorships to ASX listed companies, we provide credit management tools and credit risk information to all Australian businesses, including sole proprietorships, trusts and partnerships. Our online platform and additional integrated products and services enable customers to save time and make cost-effective, informed credit decisions. The status of regulations to implement this.


Sandeep Bhalekar,

Former Vice President,

Corporate Audit (Data Science & Automation),

Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Effectively Implementing AI in your organization.

Topic Summary :

Destructive and new technologies are changing the face of financial services at an accelerating pace. Appearance of this Technology—artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, and analytics has further developed and improved the customer experience. The business model has reshaped our way of working and redefined the meaning of adding value to our customers. As a result of this hyper-digital environment, the amount of data continues to grow, so businesses are Evaluate that data by adopting data strategies that drive innovation and transformative growth. To take full advantage of this opportunity, companies are focusing on developing appropriate talent management methods. Data talent drives a data-centric culture and builds data literacy in all organizations. At the same time, all organizations adopting these new technologies are being scrutinized and encouraged to do so. Ethically, we make recent and pending changes that consider the privacy and rights of your personal data and how they are processed. The status of regulations to implement this.

List of Speakers:


Key takeaways:

  • Developing a comprehensive organizational-wide strategy for AI adoption
  • Understanding the customer and identifying where AI can offer the most value for customers
  • Mitigating the risks associated with AI in the financial services industry
  • Exploring practical applications of AI in Financial Services

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