Scientific Program 10th Global Summit On Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks

Webinar Info :

ME Conferences is gratified to welcome you to be a part of 10th
Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks which will
be held on August 22-23, 2022 Zurich, Switzerland. The conference
mainly focuses on the theme “Enhance the Artificial intelligence for the better world” 

Mon, Aug 29, 2022. 11:00 PM – 11:30 PM UK TIME ZONE

Title :   Data Operations on Azure

Target Audience

  • Researchers and Scientists
  • Professors, Engineers and Students
  • Smart Innovators
  • Software Developers
  • Robotic Technologist
  • Gaming Professionals
  • Computer vision engineers
  • Artificial Intelligence hardware specialists
  • Data labelling professionals
  • Data protection specialists
  • Architectures
  • Automation Industry Leaders
  • Defence Research Professionals
  • Managers & Business Intelligence Experts


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