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How to install MYSQL Server and MySQL Work Bench on Mac?

1. Install MySQL Server : https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ (download DMG Archive file)
2. follow the installation and use legacy password option.
You will notice that you don’t have options to install any perticular modules specified on installation document. That is ok just follow the installations.
3. Download and install the MySQL workbench from here http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/
4. Start the MySQL server using ‘sudo /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server start’ command on your terminal. don’t bother even if it gives you any error.
5. Fire up your SQL workbench and you are good to go…..

RDBMS Concepts
There are various concepts to go over, below listed are few you should know.
1. Schema
2. Table
3. Relations
4. Constraints
5. Keys and composite primary keys
6. Referential Integrity Constraints
RDBMS Software:
1. IBM DB2
2. MySQL
3. Microsoft SQL Server
4. Postgre SQL
Elements Of SQL

There are mainly two main elements DDL and DML. DDL is used mostly by Database Administrators whereas DML is used by Database users.

1. Data Definition Language DDL
a. Create

b. Alter

c. Drop

2. Data manipulation Language (DML)

a. Insert
b. Update
c. Delete
d. Select

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