Data Governance and Automation – Kaula Lumpur , Malaysia – 2019

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2019 Robotics Process and intelligent Automation conference held on June 2019 at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur driving massive benefits in productivity through robotic automation, the Pre-Conference class was held on day 1 discussing about RPA and IA Bootcamp and Scaling RPA for Enterprise Wide Adoption followed by day 2 activities such as Industry Interactive Roundtable discussion, Live demonstration , case study on How RPA Can Automate 65% of HR’s Rule-Based Processes.

Sponsors : Automation Anywhere

Exhibitor : OrangeFin Asia, Dimension data

Topic Summary:

  Automated data governance ensures that all data sources are located and catalogued, as well as helping to identify suspect data sources that might be out-of-date or otherwise inappropriate. Most data-driven organizations are aware that data governance is about defining—and implementing—the rules, roles, and responsibilities required for consistent, sustainable value derived from data assets.

When tasked with achieving that objective, however, governance capabilities generally fall into two categories. “It’s about increasing the value of the information to the organization, while also trying to reduce the risk of that information. Today, several of the best of these capabilities are automated for consistency across the enterprise, enhancing efforts for regulatory compliance and certain aspects of security

Automated data governance provides enterprises with tools and best practices for: • Identifying the sources of critical data • Tracking the use of data • Verifying that data calculations and formulas are accurate and error-free • Ensuring that decision-making is based on data that is up-to-date, consistent and secure • Validating that data access and distribution complies with organization policies and industry regulations

With businesses becoming more global and data becoming more vast and complex, it’s critical that enterprises implement automated controls for discovering, managing, error-checking, and monitoring the data that drives strategic decision-making and daily operations. Automated data governance delivers that solution, enabling enterprises to be confident that the data they are acting on daily is complete, accurate, appropriate, and secure.

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