AI and ML in credit Risk Modelling – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore – 2018


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Considered as the heartbeat of an organization, risk management and fraud management have the largest opportunity for incorporating and strengthening the use of AI. Clariden is proud to host the inaugural. The conference was organized by held for 3 days starting with pre workshop on the day 1 followed by Panel Discussion on lessons learnt and the impacts of AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics in risk modeling, fraud detection and claims management with an anticipation of real time on job experienced speakers where in the conference ended having a roundtable discussion with Sandeep Bhalekar, Martin Markiewicz and Eric Tham.

Main Sponsored by : ICA-International Compliance Association , PARIMA

Topic Summary :

Credit risk is economic loss that emanates from the failure of a counterparty to fulfill its contractual obligations (e.g., timely payment of interest or principal), or from the increased risk of default during the term of the transaction. Traditionally, financial firms have employed classical linear, logit, and probit regressions to model credit risk.

However, there is now an increased interest by institutions in using AI and machine learning techniques to enhance credit risk management practices, partially due to evidence of incompleteness in traditional techniques. The evidence is that credit risk management capabilities can be significantly improved through leveraging AI and machine learning techniques due to its ability of semantic understanding of unstructured dataIt is particularly the increased complexity of assessing credit risk that has opened the door to machine learning. This is evident in the growing credit default swap (CDS) market where there is a lot of uncertain elements involving determining both the likelihood of an event of default (credit event) and estimating the cost of default in case a default takes place.

List of Speakers:

Key takeaways:

  1. Stay ahead of the technology curve and boost your risk and fraud management capabilities in this disruptive innovation landscape
  2. Learn and benchmark from organizations that have benefited from their successful AI deployment in their risk, fraud, compliance and legal framework
  3. Redefine your organization’s audit process to stay competitive with the deployment of AI
  4. Receive valuable insights through discussions with CRO, CTO and Head of AI/Innovation across all industries in their game changing risk and fraud management setting
  5. Discover how RiskTech, FinTech, InsurTech and RegTech are disrupting the industry with its innovative technologies

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